🆔🔥 Florida ID

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Pretty good ID. When put under backlight, any holograms, foils or background outlines won’t flash in and out of vision. Very common amongst the new wannabes.

Description: Laminated card; magnetic stripe and 2D barcode on back.

Features: Ghost image, holographic overlay of “FL” and state seal, microprinting on back;

Number: 13 coded characters: L = first letter of last name; 1-3 = code of last name; 4-6 department coding; 7-8 = year of birth; 9-11 = coding of birth date and sex;

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1 review for 🆔🔥 Florida ID

  1. keywestlover

    I would say this id is awesome. I’m not worried about it getting pulled, the Photo-shop looks amazing, the template looks good, all around very happy with this id.

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