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Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of Alabama.
Term: 4 years from original issue date, with 60-day grace period.
Number: 7 or 8 digits unspaced, uncoded. ID number starts with “1” as shown in sample.

Special features of the real Alabama ID card:

  • Golden circle with a white star inside placed in the left upper corner of the card.
  • State seal on the right upper corner of the photo, UV ink.
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Alabama Fake ID from a Reliable Manufacturer

Like any other state, Alabama permits to consume alcohol only once an individual turns 21 years old. So, everyone who looks younger than this age should prove their identity. It may be surprising, but bars and restaurants that sell alcohol are pretty good at detecting fake IDs. They have seen dozens and know how to differentiate a real one from fake.

We, at our online store, don’t want to put you in a tricky situation. Therefore, we adhere to the standards of the Alabama state when producing fake IDs. All the products are strictly supervised and tested on “Reader” and “Swipe” scanners before shipment. This way, we ensure that they will pass any verification.

How to Be Sure That the Alabama Fake ID Is Valid?

Any document has security features that differ a real one from fake. It’s vital to note that they may change with time. We always follow all the latest news in order to provide valid Alabama fake identification cards. This applies not only to the security elements but also to the overall look.

The current design can be validated by the following aspects:

  • Fine-line background
  • Seven or eight-digits number. It’s unspaced and uncoded. The ID number starts with “1”
  • State seal in UV ink
  • Blue photo background
  • Alabama State seal overlapping upper right photo corner
  • License may show out-of-state address & Real ID
  • Alabama State Capitol Building on the face
  • A bar code on the back
  • A QR code on the back
  • Magnetic stripe on the back.

The fake Alabama identification card passes all the possible security verification. It can successfully undergo:

  • “Swipe” scanner verification
  • “Reader” scanner verification
  • Validation with the UV light
  • Visual verification

The Alabama fake ID is valid for four years from the original issue date and has a 60-day grace period. It’s produced from Teslin. The card is of the following parameters:

  • Thickness: 0.031 inch
  • Dimensions: 83.10 x 52.13 mm

The current design and security elements adhere to the regulations valid for 2019-2020.

How to Submit an Order to buy Alabama fake IDs?

The product is easy to order. You have to specify four details:

  1. Type of order: single or group. In other words, whether you need one or several IDs.
  2. State: you can choose identification cards of different states if you order several.
  3. Shipping method: We ship Alabama fake IDs to the US and China. There are two shipping methods available: express (usually takes 3-4 days) and standard (usually takes 8-10 days).
  4. Payment method: Amazon Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Bitcoin.

Is It Worth Buying Alabama Fake IDs?

Since Alabama fake IDs have all the necessary security elements, they can pass various validations, including those that involve scanners. Therefore, you can be sure that your fake ID will serve you like a real one.

Whether you need to use it as a valid driving license or as a pass to a bar to have a fun night out, this Alabama fake ID is reliable to present in order to prove your identity. Apart from this, the advantage of the product is that an individual doesn’t have to collect piles of documents and wait hours in lines in order to submit them.

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  1. Ok-Document-2650

    Whoa, I have so much fun with this ID. No one can tell that it’s fake. By the way, I really enjoyed discussing all the order details. Also, no complaints about the shipping: it was quick and secure. Thank you, Already21, from me and my friends for being so cool and legit!

    The quality is just beyond the highest expectations. I am fascinated with their craftsmanship: blurred lines, facial details, shadings, holograms, – everything is impeccable. Their DMV is even better than the one my real ID is made of. Its UV and barcode features have been tested in many bars and never failed me. The only flaw I can think of is the photo centering because it is a little off. But it is the photo that I sent them. So, it’s totally my fault. I will never regret spending my money on it.

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