🆔🍁 Saskatchewan ID

$ 89.99

Description: Polycarbonate card with 2D barcode and two 1D barcodes on back. License has Saskatchewan address.

Validation: Fine-line background, transparent window with secondary photo of holder; laser-engraved, wave, and tactile type; intricate design and text visible under UV light; microprinting on both sides.

Number: 8 digits; first 7 are uncoded, last digit is office code.

Term: Valid up to 5 years, expiring on last day of birth month.


Shipping from our partners in Canada.

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Saskatchewan is a province located to the west from the center of Canada. Its largest city is Saskatoon, and the capital is Regina. Prince Albert, Moose Jaw and Swift Current are other large cities of Saskatchewan. Population of the province is over one million people, spread over area of 251.7 square miles. Saskatchewan is known as a province of 100,000 lakes. There are just three universities here: University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina and the First Nations University of Canada.


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