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Description: License is a polycarbonate card with driver’s black-and-white photo and information laser-engraved; ID barcode on front and 1D and 2D barcodes on back.

Validation: Gradually diminishing type above photo with driver’s name and birth date; license number and date of birth in raised printing; holographic seal of the Registrar of Motor Vehicle Services with the provincial crest; intricate design and text visible under UV light; microprinting on front and back. Date of birth, sex, and license number in raised clear printing sideways at photo left; back has multiple laser image that alternates between ghost image and date of birth or license number; right edge of image transitions to etched wild rose.

Term: 5 years.

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Alberta is a province of Canada, situated in the west of the country, being one of the two landlocked provinces. It is the first-by-area prairie province, with 255 square miles of land. The capital of Alberta is Edmonton, and the largest city is Calgary, both having over 1 million inhabitants out of 4.3 million people of the province. Alberta has 12 universities, the most popular of which are the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, Athabasca University and University of Lethbridge.

1 review for 🆔🍁 Alberta ID

  1. jellybeanzz11

    Guys, you won’t believe what it’s like to finally get a fake ID that enables you to get into places with no questions asked. Phew, no more suspicious looks or intense stares. Already21, you are my heroes. Thanks to you, I can go to the coolest bars in Alberta without breaking a sweat.

    This counterfeit gets my highest recommendation. I love how nicely the numbers, fonts, and all the details, in general, are done. Everything is top-notch. Photoshop seemed a bit blurry, but that’s hardly a big deal. I cannot vouch for holograms and UV features ‘cause I didn’t have an opportunity to check them out. Yet, with the quality standards this high, they should be good to go. This ID is absolutely scannable – used it in several bars and getting inside was as easy as pie.

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