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Description: Current license is rigid card with 1D and 2D barcodes on back. Current CDL has “COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE”. Non-CDL licenses may show out-of-state address. For EDL, current license has “ENHANCED” in gold bar below “DRIVER LICENSE”; with U.S. flag at lower right and 2D barcode and machine-readable zone on back.

Minor’s license: Current license: Vertical format with red “UNDER 21” below document title; under 18/21 notations;  Horizontal format with red ID number, date of birth, and “UNDER 21” vertically at photo right.

Validation: Current license: Fine-line background; holder’s grayscale image and personal date laser-engraved; secondary image with line of gradually diminishing type below. Microprinting and UV features on both sides. Prior license: Optical variable device appears as a wavy line across front; large coat of arms in center visible under UV light, as is smaller coat of arms at top of photo; microprinting. “NY” repeats in rows across back and is visible under UV light.

Number: 9 digits, sequenced in three unhyphenated groups of three.

Term: All license renewals for classes are valid 8 years, expiring on birthday.

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1 review for 🆔🔥 New York ID

  1. r666bert

    For the price and quality of this NY ID it is hard to beat with a quick turn around all and all i would buy again

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