🆔🍁 Ontario ID

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$ 99.99

Desciption: Durable card; has 1D and 2D barcodes on back.

Validation: Laser-engraved signature, photo, and personal information; fine-line background; micro- and rainbow printing; secondary image; holder’s signature appears twice; UV features on front and back.

Term: 5 years, expiring on birthday.

Shipping from our partners in Canada.

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Ontario is the central province of Canada, with 1,678 miles of border with the U.S., Canada’s capital Ottawa and is by far the largest province by population with over 14 million people (approximately 40% of Canada’s total population). Toronto, the most populated city of Canada (over 5 million) is also in Ontario. There are 22 public universities and 17 private religious universities: University of Toronto, Trent University, University of Ottawa, University of Windsor and many others.

1 review for 🆔🍁 Ontario ID

  1. c0stanza

    I have to admit, it was probably worth the wait (2 weeks), these IDs are absolutely beautiful, used it 7 times already and no one has even questioned me about it.

    It also scans perfectly as well!


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