🆔🍁 Quebec ID

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Description: Flexible cards with 1D and 2D barcodes on back. Has Quebec address.

Validation: Under UV light, a blue-and-red coat of arms overlaps personal data. Tactile elements: license number, holder’s date of birth, and a fleur-de-lys in the laminate, “Quebec”, and curved lines across photo and upper right corner. Fleur-de-lys at upper right changes color as card is tilted. Back: 3 fleurs-de-lys fluoresce purple-blue under UV light.

Number: 13 digits, coded as follows (see current license): L = first letter of last name; XXXX = coding of last name, first name; XXXXXX = day, month, year of birth; 0 = twin number; 8 = proof number.

Term: 8 years

Shipping from our partners in Ottawa.

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Quebec is the French-speaking province of Canada, second by population to Ontario (with 8.3 million people), and the first by area with 595,391 square miles of territory. Its capital, Quebec City, has approximately 3.4 million people in its metropolitan area, while the largest city, Montreal, is inhabited by 4.1 million people. Yellow birch and snowy owl are the symbols of the province. Quebec’s largest universities are McGill University, Universite de Montreal, and Concordia University.

1 review for 🆔🍁 Quebec ID

  1. quebec_city_sloth

    For my first fake this one looks awesome and I’m definitely thinking about reselling it now to my friends.
    Amazing quality and the shipping speed was over the top. Communication is great and the simplicity of the site as well! <3 bitcoinfake

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