Won’t there be problems with scanning your fake ID?

There won’t be any problems. All necessary information is on your ID. It is of correct digital format.

Do I receive just one ID per single order?

We always send you a second similar ID with each order, due to the fact that everybody can lose it or break it accidentally. For the reasons of safety, we provide you with two ID duplicates.

$100 is too expensive. Is there some kind of discount system?

We give you discount if you order more than 3 ID. Team up with your friends or like-minded folks, order more than 10 ID and the price of one ID will be $75 per one item. In case you buy more than 15 ID, we give you even better offer!

Can I track purchased ID during shipment?

Once we receive payment from you and you check ID information via e-mail, the automatic shipment process begins. You get a tracking number from us, with the help of which you find out where is your package at the current moment. Commonly, 10 business days is enough to complete the shipment for postal companies. Sometimes, it can take longer (because of holidays and so on).

How do I pay? 

We receive payments only in Bitcoin. You can get detailed information here.

Why Bitcoin and not Paypal/Venmo/Western Union?

The main reason is complete anonymity (for both of us). We are making and distributing fake IDs and we need complete secrecy in this. There is no problems with buying bitcoins nowadays.

Do I have to buy 1 bitcoin for $4000+?

You can simply buy 0.2 of a bitcoin. It is easy enough to get any fraction of a bitcoin you need.

What kind of photo do I need to send?

You can send us your iPhone or Samsung photo. The main requirement is that it should be clear and against the bright background. We will do the rest.


I have taken a photo for my passport recently. Can I scan and send it to you?

It will do!

Do I need to use real address for fake ID?

We assign a unique address for each ID that we make. But if you want to include your own address, please specify it in the additional description field of an order.

What kind of shipment options do you have? What about express?

We send ID in an envelope with special technique, disguising what is inside. We can offer Express and Standard options.

Where is my package? I still didn’t receive it!

Just relax. It will eventually come to you. We are doing everything possible, so you can get your ID asap. Trust us.