🆔🔥 Connecticut ID

$ 84.99

Description: Laminated, digitized card; Vertical format. Contains Connecticut address.

Back of current has 1D and 2D barcodes;

Overlay/UV: ID’s overlay is normal and plastic-y with some reflection, but not too much.

Overlay includes U.S. flag, repeating “CT DMV”, “Connecticut” and “DMV”.

Under UV light, license number, holder’s name and birth date, and 2 lighthouses are visible. Oak tree visible when backlit. On back, repeating state name in state outline in UV ink.

Number: 9 digits, unspaced. First two are coded as: 01-12 = birth month if odd-year birth; 13-24 = birth month if even-year birth.

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  1. ziggyzag

    i haven’t had any problems and I have been able to get into the notoriously (!) difficult bars at my uni campus. This is fuckin’ good, gotta say already21 is an overall pretty solid store!

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