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Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of Nevada.
Term: As of 01/01/14, 8 years for all new applicants; 8-year renewal for holders with an even birth year; 4 years for holders with an odd birth year.
Number: 10 digits; older issues may show 12 digits.

Material used for real Nevada ID card: Teslin

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Buy Your Nevada Fake ID

Make your trip to Nevada as memorable as it gets with our top-quality fake ID. Packed with the most eventful cities and never-ending partying, Nevada is, hands down, one of the most important sites to have a counterfeit ID.

The State of Nevada offers a handful of choices when it comes to choosing your next party destination. Naturally, Las Vegas sits right at the top of the hedonistic list. Even though Nevada has many other places to visit, any teenager would be lucky to experience anything and everything that is Vegas. Although, frankly speaking, your trip may as well be to the countryside with your folks, if there is no fake ID somewhere inside that bag.


While you can definitely have a rather sober and chill trip to Nevada, visit several National parks or stop by a picturesque Lake Tahoe, it is surely not what you would go there for.

Imagine the sparkling lights and whimsical cocktails, valet luxurious parking cars in front of the majestic Bellagio, or the sound of a dealer screaming that you won the Russian Roulette. Unless you get yourself a good fake ID, chances are, these exciting images might as well stay in your dreams.

Louisiana may be the heart and soul of jazz, bourbon, and all things magic, but Nevada is surely the drunkest state to rule them all. It has pretty loose rules on selling alcohol in stores and establishments with most places open 24/7.

Nevada is the “airport” State: nobody will ever judge you for drinking Vodka-Soda with a slice of pizza by the Eiffel Tower at 7 AM. Here time has no meaning.

Vegas has heaps of creative drinks to choose from, and it is easy to get lost in the impressive list, so keep in mind the Three Musketeers: the Boulevardier, the Cable Car, and the Holland House. Keep them in your hand at all times, too, and, preferably, in your guts.

Though throwing up by the front of a fabulous Vegas nightclub is part of the charm, no doubt. Yet again, all this information is useless if you haven’t got a sharp, shiny ID to present a Dwayne Johnson-looking bouncer.

Benefits and Disadvantages of a Nevada Fake ID

It goes without saying, forgetting to pack an ID is equal, if not worse, to forgetting your underwear or, God forbid, phone at home. To avoid this pesky situation, get your fake ID nice and ready long before your party trip.

Most places in Nevada will ask you to have an ID on you and present it if necessary. Some spots allow you to enter without poking their noses in your bag and staring at your ID, but it’s a good thing to have it on you in any case.

Due to a rather lenient policy in some pubs and clubs, they won’t pay much attention to details on your fake ID. The quality is still your top priority, as getting into the “crème de la crème” places will require some wit and a properly made fake ID.

The drinking laws of the state don’t vary much from the rest of the country but are slightly looser for public drinking and intoxication because you can’t control them all.

Minors aren’t allowed at the premises without an accompanying adult or not at all. The only way for them to get inside is with a workplace-issued ID that they get if they are employed on-site.

Available Nevada Fake ID Cards

State ID and Driver’s Licence of Nevada State

Term: 8 years for all new applicants starting from 01/01/14. Renewing terms are 8 years for those with an even birth number and 4 for holders with an odd birth year.

Number: 10 digits. Older IDs may have 12 digits on them.


  1. The photo is overlapped by a State seal, while the outline covers the ghost image.
  2. Desert Bighorn Sheep; Real ID.
  3. Holographic seal changes color when tilted.
  4. “BATTLE BORN” microprinting at the back.

Scannable Features:

  • Real IDs must show Nevada residential address; as of 01/14/18, the mailing address may include a PO box.
  • The inventory number followed by an encoded QR code. PDF417 format was tested.

Nevada Fake ID – Check. Where to Next?

Thankfully, a premium fake ID limits your worries about getting places close to none. Being in Vegas, Nevada, and not using most of its potential is a crime against partying nature.

With a decent counterfeit ID on hand, all you need is a list of the hottest spots to visit. You may or may not stumble across someone famous, so why not try them all out?

  1. The Dorsey. The drink menu was created by the inventor of the infamous Penicillin – whisky, ginger, and honey cocktail.
  2. Skyfall. Stretch the limits of your James Bond obsession in-style.
  3. Mama Rabbit. Mexican fusion with insane interior design.
  4. XS Nightclub. One of the most prestigious places in Vegas need we say more?
  5. Don’t Tell Mama. Amazing foods and a drool-worthy bar cart.


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