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Validity period of the real Washington ID card: 6 years
Material used for real Washington ID card: Teslin
Format of the license number on real Washington ID card: 7-letter 5-digit code, no spaces
Scanning areas of the real Washington ID card: a 2-D bar code, a 1-D bar code

Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of Washington.

Term: 1 to 6 years, expires on birthday.

Number: Starting September 2018, 12 characters with “WDL” then 9 random (no vowels or Q or V).

Template: Current design validates Washington licenses issued by the DMV.

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Fake Washington ID for a Memorable Trip

Do not be fooled by a seemingly calm and strict facade of Washington. Underneath its serious demeanor and busy city vibes, it has one of the highest rates for binge drinking.

As any part of the country with a well-developed partying culture, Washington State offers a plethora of places you can hold your unforgettable experience at. Just know where to look for them and have your premium fake ID ready.


Roam the streets of a buzzing Seattle or find the best-hidden attractions Washington has to offer. As long as you steer clear from dodgy parts of the State and stick to the party-centric places with rather lenient drinking laws, you will have a perfect time with your friends and a handy counterfeit ID.

Washington has a pretty high rate for drinking, sitting at an impressive 17.8%. Mostly your night outs will be filled with pub and bar crawls and drinking endless pints of beers and ales, but if you’re into something slightly more exquisite, there are just enough places to cover that. Yet again, any door will be open to you with a proper fake ID and some sharp talking skills.

Somehow, Washington is both sides of a coin. It remains lawful and mindful when it comes to drinking responsibly, but at the same time, some folks keep the party going for days with little to no sleep. Do your research and look for most party-filled destinations, but don’t neglect the calmer areas, as there are some wonderfully aesthetic places tucked away in those tranquil districts.

Authentic Washington Fake ID for sale.

To get into the most prestigious spots, your fake ID needs to be of the most premium quality. Thankfully, we took care of that, so you can take care of your multiple drinks at ease.

Made of polycarbonate, most State ID and driver’s license cards are issued for one to six years and expire on your birthday. It has a twelve-digit number, starting with “WDL”, followed by nine random ones.

Our fakes are utterly hard to identify. There’s a ghost image, an OVD pine tree, as well as a UV state seal. The security background overlaps the photo.

As any real ID, a premium counterfeit has a blue background with optical variable ink and a tactile DOB, with a QR, barcode, and a golden State seal at the back.

Washington Drinking Culture

Arguably one of the biggest states with beer-drinking culture, it’s charm is not just about holding your pints at a local pub.

The state is full of amazing high-end places that serve astonishing cocktails, as well as amazing hard liquor like top-quality bourbon or scotch.

When in Seattle, surely stop by The Nest and enjoy a picturesque view from the rooftop with a delicious martini in hand. Paying respects to its historic heritage, Washington State has lots of speakeasies and you absolutely have to visit at least three of them to feel the breath of the Roaring Twenties.

Drinking laws are also pretty much the same as anywhere else in the country. Anyone under 21 is prohibited from entering the premises without a parent or a guardian. Buying alcohol with a fake ID may result in a fine ranging anywhere from $250 to $1000. Although, you should get real “lucky” to be spotted with a fake, as many places are quite lenient on those policies.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Partying with a Fake Washington ID, why we buy Washington ID fake ID.

Washington is full of places with comfortable, atmospheric ambiance, fantastic foods, and drinks. Luckily, they also have rather easy entrance rules, so it will be easy to get it with a counterfeit ID.

Definitely put Calico on your “to-do” list. A chill and homey patio has a wide drink selection and little to no ID check.

Keep in mind spots with ruthless rules of getting in. There aren’t that many of them, but those that do keep it coldhearted at the entry are usually among the fanciest places of the State. If you get inside, you will be welcomed by impeccable service and astonishing drinks and food.

Don’t forget the constant ID checks, so either keep the visit short and eventful or stay as long as you’d like and be vigilant of those pesky guards. Knowing your drinking limits also helps to avoid getting into weird situations altogether.


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    I will always remember the evening when I passed myself off as Ivanka Trump lol. It was a strategic role play game in a countryside house. We were students and I was thinking of a career in politics. Now I’m working in the pharmaceutical business but still keep my Ivanka ID as a reminder of that game. Last summer I organized a similar game for my niece and her friends. Thanks to already21, the roleplay turned out to be a blast! The IDs looked fabulous and the kids were over the moon.

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