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Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of New Jersey.
Term: 4 years. Licenses issued after March 2018 expire on holder’s birthdate.

Special features of the real New Jersey ID card:

  • Ghost photo on front.
  • State seal and “NJ” holographic pattern on laminate.
  • State outline in center in UV ink.
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Scannable New Jersey ID for a Perfect Trip.

The music scene, good beer, picturesque scenery. This is only the tip of the iceberg to convince you to embark on a New Jersey journey. It may not have as many drunks on the streets or towering sparkling buildings as Las Vegas does, but a trip to New Jersey can absolutely become one to remember, especially if you’re always ready with a scannable fake ID.

About the New Jersey Experience.

With a nickname that clearly states how vibrant green New Jersey is, “the Garden State” is packed with culture, as well as sandy beaches, dense parks, and breathtaking waterfalls. It has lots to offer to nature geeks, but don’t yet write it off if you think it lacks the white girl wasted action.

If roaming the woods is down your alley, then surely check out several National parks in New Jersey or get a bunch of friends and head off to a mind-blowingly scenic bonfire by the beach. Thanks to the location.

New Jersey has heaps of gigs every weekend and a good amount of pubs to keep your thirst at bay. While you surely can relax and have fun with little to no booze to create a memorable trip, having a premium fake ID gives way for a whole new experience.

Besides, your younger years are the time when getting blackout drunk is not only appropriate but doesn’t get punished with a hideous three-day hangover. To get the most of it, pack a bag of all your favorites and essentials, and don’t forget the ID almighty.

Contrary to popular belief, New Jersey isn’t just a scruffy New York’s brother that gets the leftover everything. Being the birthplace of pop music, it’s full of bars and pubs that constantly have live music, which is easily the best free bonus to a pub crawl.

Drinking culture may be on the low in New Jersey, although it doesn’t mean they don’t know how to party there. Beer drinking is highly promoted by New Jersey’s pop background. On the other hand, locals also quite enjoy having a finer spirit or a delicious wine in hand with their meal during an outing.

Despite the State having some of the toughest drinking laws out there, it never stopped raucous party-goers from smashing one too many Jager-bombs. If you don’t know what that is – then it’s about time you got a New Jersey counterfeit ID and head off to the Garden State.

An ID to Get You Anywhere.

Another thing that makes New Jersey great is its dense population and the fact their police department and authorities have much bigger fish to fry than trying to stop you from getting that pint or a tattoo.

Whether you choose a State ID or a Driver’s license of New Jersey, both cards will be

  • Made of Teslin;
  • Have a 4-year issue period, expiring on the holder’s birth date;
  • Your fake ID will have a 15-digit number, spaced 5-5-5, and coded as follows: the first letter as in the first letter of your last name, state licensing codes, then month and year of birth, eye color.

Females get 50 added to birth month for females (51 – January, 60 – October), and for males, remains as per usual (01, 02, etc.).

The design of a proper premium fake ID features a fine-line background, rainbow printing, and state seal and NJ in the form of a hologram. At the back, you get a QR and barcode. The ID may show an out-of-state residency address for Non-CDLs only.

Benefits and Disadvantages of a New Jersey Fake ID.

Before you get a fake ID, it may all seem like fun and games to you. Honestly, for the most part, it actually is like that. But keeping in mind what establishments have looser entrance policies is absolutely one of the most useful things before going on several days long jager-bomb crawl.

As mentioned before, New Jersey is a buzzing city with authorities busy with whatever big-boss thing they may be up to. So as long as you don’t try to poke your fake ID to a bouncer’s face at some extremely elite club with 007-level entrance rules, you will be fine.

Obviously, when you look young enough, you will be asked to show an ID, no matter the quality or the policies of the local bar. Definitely get yourself a high-quality fake ID and don’t lose it or forget it in your room on a trip.

Getting caught with a counterfeit will result in a 6-month sentence and a $1000 fine. With our top-notch IDs, you are promised an unbelievable risk-free night out on the lively streets and beaches of New Jersey.


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    I organize networking events for medium and large businesses and I would like to shout out to already21. They sell terrific IDs! I travel all over the USA and sometimes also to Canada. I pack the IDs in my suitcase and then distribute them among the participants. After the event, I pack the IDs back and take them to another location. Of course, I need to order new ones from time to time. But on average, one would serve me from 6 to 12 months. Already21, you are amazing, thank you!

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