🆔🍁 Manitoba ID

$ 99.99

Description: Durable cart with 2D barcode on back; has machine-readable zone on back. License shows Manitoba address.

Validation: Guilloche background pattern; rainbow printing; holder’s photo and signature laser-engraved; data in raised print; lenticular lens feature at lower right alters underlying image and data depending on viewing angle. UV feature and microprinting on front and back. Unique 9-digit control number on back.

Number: First 5 letters of last name using asterisks if necessary; first and middle initials; last 2 digits of birth year subtracted from 100; check digit; code for day and month of birth.

Term: Up to 5 years.

Shipping from our partners in Canada.

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Manitoba is a Canadian province, situated in the middle of the country, with large lakes Winnipeg and Manitoba. The capital is Winnipeg, giving home to 811 thousand people in the metropolitan area, out of 1.328 million people of the province. The province’s tree is white spruce, and its bird symbol is great grey owl. Four of the five universities of Manitoba are in Winnipeg: University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, Universite de Saint-Boniface and the Canadian Mennonite University.


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